The difference between Belgian Chocolate Pralines and Truffles

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Belgian Chocolate Pralines boast a soft-centre and a chocolate casing of either white, milk or dark chocolate.

They differ dramatically from the nut and sugar sweets that are prevalent in both France and the United States, even though they are sometimes known by the same name. Jean Neuhaus II originally introduced them in 1912.

Pralines are available in a variety of shapes and forms and almost always contain a softer filling within a chocolate shell.

Belgian pralines are not solely limited to the traditional praline filling and often include a number of other delicious ingredients, such as alcohol, liquors, fruit, nuts and creams.

Belgian Chocolate Truffles are usually formed in the shape of a smooth or flaky chocolate ball. Belgian chocolate truffles are usually coated in a high-quality cocoa powder, powdered sugar, crushed wafer biscuit or chocolate flakes.

Belgian Chocolate truffles contain a soft, rich ganache filling. Luxury truffles will often contain a fruit or nut filling and various other coatings, such as chilli, roasted or carmelised  or spices.

With such a wide variety of flavours and fillings available, you are sure to find a Belgian chocolate to suit your taste, whether that is a sweet and light fondant fruit cream, or a dark & rich truffle.

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